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Google crash, what happened?

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Google crash, what happened?
Google is one of the most widely used and trusted online service providers. A strange time, when he experiences a failure, the consequences can be far-reaching.

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June 2, Sunday afternoon, users of numerous Google applications - Gmail, G Suite, Hangouts, Voice, YouTube ... ran into problems trying to access their accounts. At 12:25 p.m. Pacific Google published a short (and, for obvious reasons, vague) update on its Cloud Status dashboard, saying that it was "investigating a problem with the Google Compute Engine."

The fact is that Google is facing difficulties: it is not the only company that uses the Compute Engine. The companies behind many of the most popular mobile and web applications rely on Google as server services.

When things went uphill, Sunday apps like Snapchat, Vimeo, and Discord also suffered. Many users were unable to log in at all. The problem turned out to be the most serious in the USA (especially on the east coast) and in Eastern Europe.

In less than five hours, Google updated Cloud Status. Google explained the failure before the “network congestion problem” and noted that its investigation will be continued and further improvements will be made to prevent a similar problem from happening in the future.

This is one of the most significant shortcomings of the operating service, as ubiquitous as Google. Failures tend to increase, so even relatively small - for example, one service, partially interrupted for a few short hours - can be disastrous.

Naturally, no company is safe from disruptions, and Google used to cope with its share. One of the most mysterious events occurred in November 2018, when Google traffic mysteriously began to pass through Russia. This problem was traced back to one Nigerian Internet service provider who started to route traffic destined for Google servers incorrectly and then transmitted incorrect routing information to China Telecom.

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