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Overwatch Adds Game Replays

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Overwatch Adds Game Replays
One of the most sought-after features has finally been added to Overwatch: a playback system that allows players to view recordings of their past games.

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The new feature, which is currently being tested on Overwatch PTR, will allow players to view their last 10 matches completely from any perspective. Like similar playback systems from other games, you can speed up or slow down the action, as well as control the camera so that you can see the action in the first person, third person, or bird's-eye view.

The playback system will also allow you to use a map overlay similar to the one used during the Rangers League matches. You can also place (and bookmark) static cameras if you want to watch the same place in several games.

Whether you want to explore your past games to improve your game, or just take a look at this great Pulse Bomb focus, these replay tools are a useful addition to Overwatch.

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