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AdBlock Vulnerability Endangers Users

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AdBlock Vulnerability Endangers Users
People use ad blockers for a number of reasons. Some block ads because of annoyance or frustration. Others do this to protect their privacy or to keep malicious ads out of the way. Millions did not know that their desire to block content opened the door to cyber attacks.

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Security researcher Armin Sebastian recently reported a serious flaw in several popular ad blockers. Sebastian discovered an attack that would allow a cybercriminal to silently distribute malicious code to vulnerable users.

According to Sebastian, this flaw is "trivial to use" and "can be used in all major browsers." According to Sebastian, according to the estimates of vulnerable blockers, more than 100 million users are at risk. He also noted that attacks would be difficult to detect and could be used to hack even complex services like Google.

Most popular ad blockers use a blacklist when deciding whether to show ads. When a browser lands on a page that wants to load ads, it is checked with a list. If there is a match, they will not be displayed.

Sebastian found that anyone who controls this list can set it up to disable ad blockers. The function that ad blockers use to “rewrite” code on a web page can be tricked by introducing malicious code, rather than simply disabling the ad element.

There are several criteria that a page must meet in order for an attack to work. However, given that the proof of Sebastian’s concept worked on Google and Google Maps, it’s safe to assume that a hacked ad blocker could inadvertently abuse many popular sites and web applications.

It is important to remember that the sites themselves are not vulnerable. When you use an ad blocker, you give it tremendous control over what content and code runs in your web browser. Combine this power with user confidence in blocking tools, and you get a situation that hackers would like to use.

Sebastian says the vulnerability affects the three most popular ad blockers: Adblock Plus, AdBlock, and uBlock. Everyone has already begun working to fix this vulnerability.

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