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New Edge Web Browser for Test Drive

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New Edge Web Browser for Test Drive
Last December, Microsoft made an amazing discovery. The company was rebuilding its application to improve web browsing in Windows 10 - Edge - from scratch. Surprise turned to distrust when Microsoft announced that the new Edge would be built using the same code as Google Chrome.

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Of course, this is a curious situation. Fortunately, anyone who is curious enough can now download the brand new Edge browser and see what it is about.

Microsoft has opened its doors wide and invites the public to test Edge while it is still in development. Go to the Edge Insider website and you can download one of three different test versions. Just like Google does with Chrome, Microsoft offers a beta, developer and canary “channel” for Edge.

None of these three options should be considered stable, so it is probably not recommended that you set it as your default web browser for now. The Edge Beta Channel is the closest to the finished product and will be updated every six weeks or so. The code in the developer's channel will move faster, and updates will appear once a week.

As for the canary, this is the latest version of Edge that you can run. It has all the latest code additions, which means that you will get the opportunity to see new features early and often. The downside is that Edge "canary" can also fall frequently.

What can you expect from the new Microsoft Edge? In short, a combination of what you experienced using Google Chrome and the original Edge.

In my brief experience working with the new browser, web pages load instantly and look the way you expect. This is not a shock, as the main code, Chromium, does the hard work, just like in Google Chrome.

Privacy settings in the new Edge browser
Microsoft has added some nice touches, such as a privacy alert, which lets you know when a site is trying to access your webcam, microphone, and motion or light sensors. You can configure multiple user profiles (as in Chrome) and synchronize the viewing settings on all your computers.

So far, you can only test the new Edge browser on Windows 10. Versions for Windows 8, Windows 7, and macOS will be available soon.

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