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8 tips to prevent the loss or theft of your mobile phone

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8 tips to prevent the loss or theft of your mobile phone
"Prevention is better than cure." This is an expression that we always hear to remind us of how precious jewelry is. This applies to many things, such as gadgets and values.

Gadgets such as mobile phones are very prone to loss. Some of them are caused by forgetfulness or theft. There are many measures that people can take to prevent this from happening. The following is a list of things you can do to make sure your mobile phones and gadgets are safe and not lost.

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1. The presence of flash memory or color case for the phone

Mobile phones can be seen as a trend, especially for younger generations because of how great they look. There are also many things you can do with it, because it is customizable. Mobile phone cases are also flexible to configure. They can be used as a tool to protect the phone or accessory to make the phone look pleasing to the eye. But in some cases, mobile phones can be used to attract attention. A colorful body will stand out in the eyes of a person, which will make it easier for people to see where it is.

Careless handling is the most common cause of a lost phone, and this is often caused by poor memory. This leads us to our next list.


2. Pinpoint memory

A keen mind supports almost every aspect of life. It can improve almost everything a person possesses. We can apply this when it comes to preventing the loss of phones. It is mentioned above that misuse is the number one reason why phones are lost. If you can fully recall past events, then losing your phone will not be a problem at all.

There are many ways to improve your memory, and some of them can be artificial or organic. Organics are very famous these days because of their effectiveness and price range. View them.


3. Make a backup mobile phone

Sometimes a backup can somehow save you. Having another phone allows you to find the missing one. This would make it easier to find a lost phone if you did not leave it at home or anywhere else.

You can also use a backup phone at the same time when you are still looking for a lost one. This allows you to do important searches without bothering anyone.


4. Make your phone at maximum ringer volume

Only be silent when necessary. The volume level of the call should always be maximum, because these notifications will be issued by your phone if it is lost. This item also correlates with item No. 3, because the phone in silent mode is almost impossible to find when it is lost.

Also, make sure you have a long ringtone. Make it unique and intriguing. This trick will allow you to quickly find a lost phone.


5. Select "Big Phone"

The reason for this is pretty obvious. A larger phone is easier to find than a small one. That's why when buying a phone, always consider the size, because this will be important in the future.

The sizes of phones these days do not make a big contribution to the overall price. Typically, the filling matters. For example, a phone with large RAM will cost higher. So, there is no reason why you should not choose a phone with a large size.


6. Consider buying an anti-theft bag

This is an integral part of the equipment these days. Many companies began selling bags that are equipped with anti-theft technology. It is ideal for travelers and for people who are always on the go.

Theft is not a joke, and we must do everything to prevent or avoid it. This equipment can be used by anyone. A person who likes to put their phone in a backpack will find this innovation really useful.

The design and features of this bag are not so far from traditional. It is simply an innovation or improvement of an existing thing. The price is also convenient for wallets, so you won’t spend a lot of money to protect your phone.


7. Know your phone’s IMEI

Knowing this thing about your phone is very important because it would be useful when your phone is really lost. Although this is not like prevention, knowing your IMEI is actually a preparation.

IMEI can be useful when you lose your phone. You can easily close your cell phone or completely render it useless when it is lost or stolen. This makes the phone dead, that is, that the thief will not be able to use it.

You can easily find the IMEI of your phone through the settings and in “About device” or “About phone”. From there you should extract this important information. IMEI is very important and it is recommended to keep it confidential.

8. Set up the Anti-Theft app on your mobile phone

Installing the application takes only a few minutes, and it will help you a lot in difficult times. Anti-theft applications are tested and tested. They are really functional and useful, so many people recommend installing them.

Anti-theft apps let you do a lot of things on your lost mobile phones. Just like knowing your IMEI, you can easily turn off your device. But it gets better if you are lucky and you have real control over the phone. A lost connected phone will be easier to track and control. This is not only applicable for those who have lost their phone through theft, but it is also good for those who simply lost their phones, given that it is connected to the Internet.

Mobile phones are the wonders of our generations. Although very useful, they are also vulnerable. They can be easily damaged and, worst of all, they can be easily lost. The owner should always know how he can prevent these things. The things listed above are sure to make things easier for any user when they come across things they don't expect.

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