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Microsoft Antivirus for Mac

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Microsoft Antivirus for Mac
Microsoft takes the fight against malware seriously. So serious that the company just released an anti-virus application to protect computers created by one of its largest competitors, Apple.

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Microsoft's Iaan D’Souza-Wiltshire has announced the announcement of Microsoft's Defender debut for Mac. In fact, this is the same application as Windows Defender in Windows 10. The name, of course, needs to be configured, because it is designed for computers that do not have their own Microsoft operating system.

Microsoft Defender offers Mac users the same protection as its Windows counterpart, Windows users. It provides real-time threat detection, scans USB drives on demand and automatically updates malware definitions and detection logic.

At the moment, Microsoft Defender is only available as a limited preview. This is the first step in creating a whole new user group under the auspices of Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

Are you surprised that Microsoft has released such an application for Mac computers?

Just a few months ago, we saw an equally unexpected announcement from Microsoft. The browser, specially created for Windows 10, Edge, has been destroyed and rebuilt and will use the same code as Google Chrome to create the foundation.

Then Microsoft doubled the surprise factor. The new Edge browser will not only use Google code, but will also work on Mac. The last time Microsoft released a web browser that worked on a Mac back in 2003.

Both companies over the years have been tough competitors in many areas, but there were also some unexpected joint actions. The most famous was that Microsoft saved Apple from a possible bankruptcy in 1997 by investing $ 150 million.

It’s difficult to deal with the threat of global malware, and it’s nice to see that Microsoft will not allow a little rivalry to interfere with this mission.

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