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New Shodan Service Monitors Internet Systems

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New Shodan Service Monitors Internet Systems
The popular search engine IoT Shodan this week announced the launch of Monitor, a new service designed to help organizations track Internet-connected systems.

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Shodan Monitor ( allows organizations to get a complete picture of their Internet systems. Users can run scans and set up real-time notifications when a new device is discovered.

According to Shodan, the new service is highly scalable, allowing users to control from one to millions of IP addresses. “The Shodan platform was designed to work with networks of any size without any problems,” the company said.

Users can monitor not only devices on the local network, but also all systems connected to them. This can be very useful for detecting vulnerable databases, phishing sites, and data leaks in the cloud.

Shodan Monitor is free for existing customers, and its features are available through the Shodan API and command line interface.

Shodan noted that Chrome DevTools, a Google tool that can analyze performance data at runtime, gave the new service an excellent score in terms of performance.

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