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Huawei Tool Security Errors

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Huawei Tool Security Errors
Microsoft researchers have identified a potentially serious vulnerability in privilege escalation and arbitrary code execution in a tool from Huawei. The vendor has released updates that should fix the flaws.

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Security errors were discovered after the kernel sensors in Microsoft Advanced Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) detected abnormal behavior associated with the Huawei device control driver.

Further analysis showed that the Huawei PCManager tool, which the Chinese giant provides for its MateBook laptops, has a vulnerability that can be used to increase local privileges. The bug tracked as CVE-2019-5241 can be used to elevate privileges if an attacker could force the target user to execute a malicious application.

In analyzing this flaw, Microsoft researchers also discovered CVE-2019-5242, a flaw in Huawei PCManager that can be used to execute arbitrary code. According to Microsoft, the vulnerability "allowed low-privilege code to read and write outside processes — into other processes, or even into kernel space." The company claims that this could lead to a "complete compromise on the computer."

In January, Huawei fixed vulnerabilities, which she classified as "high severity." Users can install the update manually, but the vulnerable product also supports automatic updates.

On March 25, Microsoft posted a blog post that provided technical details and described how the flaws were discovered. Problems were also uncovered last month at the Microsoft Blue Hat conference in Israel.

“Two vulnerabilities that we found in the driver prove the importance of developing software and products with security in mind. Safety boundaries must be respected. The attack surface should be minimized as much as possible. In this case, the flaws could have been prevented if certain precautions had been taken, ”writes the Microsoft Defender research group on his blog.

Researchers often find vulnerabilities in tools provided by major equipment suppliers. Potentially serious flaws were discovered last year in applications from Intel, Dell, Lenovo, and LG.

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