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Firefox borrows Tor browser privacy idea

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Firefox borrows Tor browser privacy idea
Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers on the planet with an active user base of more than 840 million. Mozilla works incredibly hard to protect the privacy of each of these users, and this is a very difficult task.

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Mozilla never stops making privacy changes to Firefox. Firefox will retrieve the page from the Tor browser privacy book. This particular update will make it difficult for trackers to identify users without their permission.

Advertisers and other online data collectors have developed extremely sophisticated ways to track people on the Internet.

Your browser transfers all the information to the web pages you visit. Things like the resolution of your display and what fonts you have installed on your computer may not seem like secrets that you need to protect from prying eyes.

However, when a complex algorithm looks through all this information together, it can be incredibly revealing. Privacy experts say that only 1 other browser fingerprint of 286,777 is exactly the same as yours.

There are some surprisingly simple changes that make fingerprinting in the browser much more difficult. What Firefox will be adding in the near future is nothing more than a gray border around the webpage you're viewing. Adding a small amount of indentation to the browser window sends the wrong number of pixels to curious trackers, which, in turn, makes it difficult to accurately identify them.

These little tricks are critical features for anonymity apps like the Tor browser. However, as the general public tunes in more and more to privacy issues on the Internet, they will move on to more massive applications. You can count on Mozilla to provide the best privacy features for Firefox with every new release.

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