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Siri Lock Bypass on iPhone

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Siri Lock Bypass on iPhone
You have a ton of very personal information on your phone. Text messages, emails, browser history, photos. The last thing you need is for someone to pick up the phone and gain access to all this data. That's why you lock your phone with a password, code, pattern or fingerprint.

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However, if you own an iPhone, someone might trick your phone into revealing some of your secrets, even if you blocked it. All you need is a little help.

There are several steps, but the process is quite simple. First, the attacker needs to find out the phone number of the device, which can be easily found by asking Siri “Who am I?” From the lock screen. Once Siri provides the number, the attacker initiates a voice call or a FaceTime call to the target device from another phone. When a call arrives, the attacker clicks the "Message" icon and selects the "Custom" option. The New Message screen appears on the iPhone or iPad. The user cannot do much on this screen, but there is a “trick” - an attacker can use Siri to activate the VoiceOver accessibility function, and then double-click and hold the “to” field in the “new message”. ”And immediately press the keyboard until new icons appear.

This part of the exploit is not very reliable - double clicking on the “to” and pressing the keyboard may have to be repeated several times until new icons appear. VoiceOver can then be turned off using Siri.

At this stage, when you enter any letter from the keyboard, contacts under this letter will appear. By clicking the associated icon associated with a contact, an attacker can gain access to the information of this contact, as well as get a menu that includes the option “Create a new contact”.

By creating a new contact and clicking the “Add photo” icon, the attacker gains access to the target gallery of the iPhone or iPad. It is worth noting that the device remains locked all this time, but bypassing the screen lock provides access to contact data and photos.

Here is one demo of the attack that was posted on YouTube:

Again, someone can do this even if you password protected your iPhone or configured Touch ID. The vulnerability exists in all versions of iOS prior to 10.2.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to block an attack. All you have to do is disable Siri on the lock screen. You can do this by going to Settings >> General >> Password Lock. Ultimately, this exploit is far from as dangerous as the one that can make your iPhone call numbers.

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