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Caution, malicious videos will crash your iPhone or iPad

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Caution, malicious videos will crash your iPhone or iPad
You should always be careful when following a link, but if you have an iOS device, a new threat appears that you should beware of. This is a link that points to a video - video that will overload your device until it shuts down. Some even freeze, displaying an iOS shutdown animation.

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According to a post from 9to5 Mac, the malicious “.mp4” video could successfully harm Apple devices using iOs versions from iOS 10.2 up to iOS 5. YouTube’s EverythingApplePro channel posted a video demonstrating how the video exploit works:

At the moment, it does not look like this video crash is a security risk. Watching the video will not allow the hacker to covertly force your iPhone to make calls or transfer credentials. It really just annoys the owner, and fortunately you can easily eliminate the damage that watching a video does.

All you have to do is force a reboot on your iPhone or iPad. On all devices except the iPhone 7, just press the power button and the Home button until the device reboots. Owners of the iPhone 7 must simultaneously hold down the power and volume down buttons.

This is not the first time such an iOS error has occurred. Back in 2008, when the iPhone 3G just appeared on store shelves, system engineer Piergiorgio Zambrini discovered a similar problem with video playback, which caused the device to malfunction.

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