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Android Fortnite fans cheated by malware

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Android Fortnite fans cheated by malware
Fortnite has around 45 million active players. However, it is available only for iOS. Epic Games has not yet announced anything official about the Android version. Tens of millions of impatient players are waiting for his appearance, scammers will be happy to fill this void (update: Epic Games announced that the Android version will appear this summer).

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According to security firm Zscaler, fake Fortnite applications have already begun to appear. While most of the apps Zscaler discovered were distributed through third-party app stores, one of them was hidden in plain sight on Google Play.

Fake apps are designed with malicious capabilities. Zscaler discovered that one malicious application was collecting call logs, contact lists, and SMS messages. The malicious program can also make calls and send SMS messages, which allows fraudsters to earn money from their victims.

His espionage capabilities are even deeper. Malicious software can activate the device’s microphone to record sound, take pictures, and record keystrokes. Once an infected device has lost its usefulness, a malicious program can completely erase all data in order to hide its traces.

Another application reviewed by Zscaler hid a cryptocurrency miner. Although it is not as scary as a function of invading privacy, crypto mines present another serious risk. Such malware physically damaged infected phones.

How is this possible?
Because cryptocurrency mining, such as Bitcoin or Ether, can be incredibly complex for the device’s processor. The more work the chip does, the more heat it creates. When the cryptominer starts working, the device needs to be well cooled. Since at high load, the processor consumes a lot of current and generates a lot of heat, even more current heats up the device’s power source, and lithium batteries really do not like to heat up and can explode.

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