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Tips and Tricks for Increasing Alexa Rankings

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Tips and Tricks for Increasing Alexa Rankings
Alexa is Alexa Page Rank - A site rating assigned by Alexa Internet to measure site popularity. There are factors in his statements that influence the popularity of the blog, but in reality it all depends mainly on usage data collected from the Alexa toolbar.

Alexa Rating Upgrade Methods:

# 1 Install Alexa Toolbar:

First, it’s recommended that you install the Alexa toolbar along with your blog content. You may already know that Alexa is ranked based on material collected using the Alexa toolbar. About the click on the visitor who installed it, it would be possible to calculate when he visits your site.

# 2 Install Alexa Widget:

You must place the Alexa widget on your blog or website. You must understand that a blog site with widgets will certainly be better rated than a blog site without a widget, as it promotes alexa.

Alexa rating on your website:

Just change to your website in two places in the HTML snippet below, then copy and paste it into your website.


This is a widget that displays ALEXA RANK and a counter:

# 3 Write an article on Alexa:

 You can write several articles about Alexa on your blog or website. Many webmasters want to see your claims. If you write good articles, they can link to them. This will bring you traffic, and therefore will improve the title of Alex.

# 4 Comments Blogs and Forums:

Always try to comment on your blog or site on other sites, blogs and online forums with excellent alexa ratings, this will certainly also improve your alexa ratings, as they work as a back link to your blog. It will also increase your traffic on your blog.

# 5 Update your blog more often:

Since I told you that alexa also checks how often the site is updated. So, update your blog frequently at least three times a week.

# 6 Use the webmaster forum:

You need to visit sites where webmasters come back often and post a link to your web page. Webmasters typically have the Alexa toolbar installed. Go to the webmaster forum to post messages promoting your site.

# 7 Connect to social networking sites:

By promoting your site on facebook, twitter, youtube, googlePlus, linkedin and others, you will get more visitors.

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