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Firefox will notify you when your accounts are hacked

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Firefox will notify you when your accounts are hacked
This is always alarming when you hear that your email address, username and password were stolen attackers who hacked into the site where you are registered. Worse yet, do not suspect it.

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If you do not know that your accounts are in danger, you will not be able to take any steps to protect them. That's why Mozilla adds a handy new feature to the Firefox web browser.

Firefox will start to notify you when your accounts are hacked. To make this happen, Mozilla has partnered with one of the most important security websites on the Internet: HaveIBeenPwned.

The new service will be called Firefox Monitor. To start receiving notifications, all you have to do is send your email address. Firefox and HaveIBeenPwned take care of the rest.

When a website is hacked, compromised user data ends up in many bad places. It also often ends up in HaveIBeenPwned, which may be the only site you can trust (other than the one they naturally came from).

This is because HaveIBeenPwned (often abbreviated as HIBP) is managed by a prominent Troy Hunt advocate, and its sole purpose is to notify users when their account has been involved in a cybersecurity incident. When half a billion stolen passwords leaked, HIBP reported this to users. When spammers leaked into the address book, HIBP users reported this.

This is actually the second time that Mozilla and HaveIBeenPwned have teamed up. Last November, Mozilla announced a feature for reporting violations. If you accidentally went to the site where the data leak occurred, a pop-up window will notify you and offer to compare your email address with the HIBP database to find out if you were affected.

Firefox - This is a great browser that emphasizes user privacy and security. Its worth a try.

Not interested in switching to another browser? You can still receive notifications from HIBP when your accounts try to hack. Just go to the haveibeenpwned website and click on "notify me." You will be in a good company, more than 2 million users are registered on the site.

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