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Data remains on memory cards after deletion

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Data remains on memory cards after deletion
People sell, throw away or change tens of millions of cameras, phones and tablets every year. Of course, this is a staggering amount. What really worries is a lot of personal data that can be transmitted along with them.

To activate your facebook account or another site, you need a virtual sim card Ukraine to receive an SMS with a confirmation code without giving out your personal mobile number.

The University of Hertfordshire Cybersecurity Center recently published alarming findings from a study in the UK. According to the researchers of the Center, more than two-thirds of previously owned memory cards that are discarded, sold with electronics or donated, contain personal data of the original owner.

For four months, researchers acquired used memory cards from various sources. They bought on eBay, OLX, bid on goods at auctions and bought in used equipment stores. They acquired a total of 100 cards and found confidential personal information in 65 of them.

Surprisingly, 36 memory cards still contained files that could be viewed simply by inserting the card into the device. The rest of the 65 cards turned out to be empty, but the appearance can be deceiving when it comes to things like hard drives and memory cards.

There are many freely available programs that can identify file residues after they are deleted. The research team scanned the cards using the R-Studio data recovery program and found a lot of personal data: photos and videos, personal and business documents and resumes.

This is not the kind of information that you want to pass into the wrong hands. Copies of passports found on such disks can be used by scammers to launch phishing attacks. Extortion is also possible depending on the kind and quality of photos and videos.

Even at first glance, harmless photos can pose a serious danger. Geotagged photos can show your exact location. Pictures of your home can lead a criminal directly to your front door.

Don't give out your secrets

So how do you minimize the risks of getting rid of a memory card? Do not just delete files. Use a specialized application to erase data. Secure Wipe is a popular free application compatible with most Android devices. There is Disk Wipe for Windows, and Mac users can use File Shredder. You can also do a full formatting of the card.

25 of the cards purchased by the Center team were cleared using a similar application, and data from none of them were restored.

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