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Galaxy Note 8 Error - Send Photos to Random People

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Galaxy Note 8 Error - Send Photos to Random People
Despite the fact that there are dozens of more modern alternatives, text messaging remains one of the most popular ways to communicate on a smartphone. Therefore, when an error is detected that affects text messaging on one of the most popular smartphone brands, this becomes a big problem.

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Recently, problematic messages began to appear in Galaxy Note 8. Users say that their phones seem to have attached random pictures to messages. This alone cannot be a huge problem. However, when these messages are sent to random contacts, everything can change quite quickly ... especially when your phone decides to send 50 photos to the last person you sent the message to, as happened with one of the Samsung owners.

Interestingly, phones do not just pick photos taken by their owners. Some users report that emoticons and other images that belong to applications stored on their phones have been attached to texts.

While Samsung acknowledged the existence of the error, it is worth noting that the problem may be somewhat isolated. Most Reddit reports come from users who connect to the T-Mobile network, and it may be limited to Samsung devices that were sold by T-Mobile. The unlocked Samsung device or images transferred from other media should not be affected.

Such problems sometimes arise as a result of changes made by the wireless operator to the standard applications of the manufacturer. In this case, it is possible that T-Mobile has tweaked the code in the Samsung messaging app.

Whatever the reason, Samsung device owners who want to protect themselves from this particular error have several options. One of them is to go to the Google Play store and install a third-party messaging application (for example, Android Messages from Google). If you want to continue using the Samsung Messages app, you can configure the app permissions to deny access to your photos until a fix is ​​released.

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