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Hacked popular Timehop app, 21 million people affected

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Hacked popular Timehop app, 21 million people affected
A mobile application that monitors your past posts on social networks and shows what you did that day a year or two years ago, reported a major hacker incident. The Timehop ​​app has over 21 million users. Each of them was affected by the violation.

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Timehop ​​users can connect the app to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Dropbox accounts. Timehop ​​uses access to these services to collect nostalgic daily collections of past posts. Timehop ​​on the Google Play and App Store lists says that “it’s like going back to the past every day.”

This makes it easy to understand why hackers chose the Timehop ​​system. Gaining access can allow them to steal user data and potentially gain access to many years of activity on social networks.

According to a Timehop ​​report, an unknown person gained access to a cloud server on December 19 last year. The hacker also logged on to the 20th and 21st to prepare for a future attack.

The hacker began to gain access to databases and exfiltration of data. Attackers did not take a long time to trigger an alarm. Within 90 minutes, Timehop ​​employees began to respond to the attack and block access.

However, 90 minutes can be an eternity in the world of cybersecurity, and much damage has already been done. The hacker managed to dig out the usernames, emails, phone numbers and access keys of Timehop. Fortunately, passwords were reportedly not available, and less than 1 in 4 Timehop ​​users added a phone number to their accounts. On the other hand, it is almost 5 million users who have been hacked into personal phone numbers.

Timehop ​​moved quickly to limit the impact of the attack. All existing access keys were blocked, and two-factor authentication was enabled for all users. Timehop ​​reports that no suspicious account activity has been detected. Investigation into the hacking incident continues, and Timehop ​​coordinates with local and federal law enforcement officials.

Why you should be worried even if you are not using Timehop

You may never have heard of Timehop, but hacking an application with tens of millions of users - and accessing the social networks of these users - is very important and alarming.

Whenever you sign up for any application that can interact with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks accounts, remember that you are creating another way for a hacker to compromise your data.

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