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What do hackers do with stolen passwords?

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What do hackers do with stolen passwords?
Hackers are constantly searching the Internet for a victim. One of their favorite attacks is a vulnerable database server. This is due to the fact that these types of servers store all kinds of data that may come in handy in future attacks. They look for personal information such as names, addresses ... and passwords.

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In recent years, hackers have cracked some fairly massive databases. Sometimes they run away with millions of records at a time. So what does a hacker do with millions of user passwords? The latest Shape Security report talks about a cyber attack known as credential filling.

In an attack using credentials, the hacker loads the database with as many passwords and usernames as he has. These credentials are entered into an automated hacker tool that clogs them to a website. You can think of a hacker password database as a keychain. The more keys, the more likely the attacker will find the one that unlocks your account.

These attacks are much more common than you think. According to Shape Security, about 90% of all login attempts on sites are not users who log into the system with their own accounts. They are the result of an attack.

Many kinds of sites are on the gun. Airline sites take second place, where accounts account for about 60% of logins. Immediately after the airlines online banking sites 58%. Also, hotel sites 44%.

It is easy enough to understand why they are preferred goals. Attackers hope to hack an account in order to gain access to payment card data or make fraudulent purchases.

Shape Security claims that credential attacks can be effective even in 3% of cases. It may not seem like so many successful entries, but it is 30,000 wins for every million attempts. The results of the report emphasize why you need to choose complex passwords, and why you should never reuse a password on multiple sites.

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