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Routers can turn into cryptocurrency zombies

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Routers can turn into cryptocurrency zombies
Somewhere there, a cybercriminal is stuffing his pockets with cryptocurrency. Whoever it is, he does not use powerful computers for mining. Instead, this man uses an ever-growing army of enslaved routers to do the dirty work.

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Trustwave researchers have discovered a new strain of malware designed for a particular brand of routers. Devices manufactured by MicroTik are targeted and more than 200,000 are currently infected.

You may be wondering how this is possible for a router. Not that they advertised such functionality on packaging. The fact is that inside the router there is a processor that is very similar to the processor in your smartphone or tablet. It is less powerful, but still able to do much more than connect you to the Internet and manage wireless connections.

Malicious software may not seem so serious. It does not plan to steal your passwords or credit card numbers, and it does not encrypt your files and does not require a ransom. However, this can cause a lot of trouble.

Mining for cryptocurrency can create a very large load on the processor. A large load leads to the fact that processors emit a lot of heat. If this heat is not dissipated, it can seriously degrade the performance of the device. In extreme cases, this can lead to device failure ... sometimes it can even break down.

Some smartphones that were infected with malware actually got hot enough to melt. This is a huge problem in a portable device that runs on a lithium-ion battery, and the high temperature still causes a serious problem with a router or broadband modem.

If you have a Microtik router, you can protect yourself from this vulnerability - and others like it - by installing the latest firmware. Trustwave notes that MicroTik has released a patch to block this particular attack.

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