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Advanced malware for Mac and Linux attacks crypto exchange

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Advanced malware for Mac and Linux attacks crypto exchange
For almost a decade, Lazarus has been conducting hacking campaigns around the world. The group, which is suspected of having ties to the North Korean government, has also been linked to several high-profile cryptocurrencies.

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These hacks were usually intended for cryptocurrencies based in Asia. Now, security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have published a report on a new round of attacks. There is something else in the latest Lazarus malware. It can infect computers running macOS and Linux.

Malicious software has been embedded in what looked like a legitimate cryptocurrency trading application. The program was offered for download from a professionally created site, a fictitious cryptocurrency application developer. Kaspersky tracked the domain name of the site to LLC, which contains an invalid address, and the server of the "company" led to a restaurant in the Netherlands.

In addition to delivering a Trojan installer for Apple's desktop and laptop computers, Lazarus has reportedly worked on a version capable of infecting systems with Linux-based operating systems.

“The fact that the Lazarus group has expanded its list of targeted operating systems should be an alarming call for users of non-Windows platforms,” Kaspersky said in his analysis.

A few years ago, Mac (and Linux) users enjoyed what they call "security by unknown." The vast majority of computer systems were running the Microsoft Windows operating system, and hackers did not spend much effort trying to attack other platforms.

However, the situation changed a few years ago when Apple's share of the desktop and laptop market grew. There are many threats today that target both macOS and Linux. No matter what operating system your computer is running on today, you should always be alert.

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