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What is the Google Titan Security Key?

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What is the Google Titan Security Key?
Securing your online accounts from hackers requires careful consideration, dedication, and fairly good memory. Even if you try your best, there is always a chance that hackers will find a way out ... unless you add another layer of protection.

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Now, you can purchase a device from Google that will make many of your accounts almost impossible to hack. It is called the Titan security key and sells for $ 50 on the Google online store.

The key may not seem so big, but do not let its appearance and the $ 50 price tag scare you away. The peace of mind that the Titan Security Key provides is truly priceless.

Security keys are fairly common in corporate environments. They are used to double check that only authorized users have access to remote networks or work with sensitive applications. When used in addition to a password, PIN, or biometrics as part of a two-factor authentication system (2FA) or two-step verification (2SV), the key significantly reduces the chances of successful hacker entry.

Google has developed the Titan security key to seamlessly work with its own products, such as your Google account, Gmail, and G Suite applications. You can use its security features with many other sites and applications.

The Titan security key is fully compatible with FIDO, which means Fast ID Online. FIDO is a “set of security specifications for strong authentication.” More than 260 companies are members of the FIDO alliance - of course, Google, as well as large companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Paypal.

If you're wondering if FIDO supports one of your favorite websites or apps, there is an easy way to find out. Go to and you will find a categorized list that covers everything from government sites to chat apps, online stores, and banking services. If the U2F (universal two-factor) flag is checked in the box, then everything is OK.

So what is the difference between U2F keys? Google says that since it provided the Titan security key to its employees, there have not been a single successful phishing attack. This is a major victory. This year, phishing attacks cost US companies half a billion dollars.

You can pick up a less expensive U2F key, but Titan has one feature that many don't have. It has a special chip that ensures that no one interferes with it physically. The likelihood that this will happen to you may be unlikely, but for an extra $ 30 or so, this is a very low price for an almost bulletproof account security.

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