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Secure accounts with Google Chrome and password manager

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Secure accounts with Google Chrome and password manager
For some time, Google and other technology companies have been involved in password destruction. It’s easy enough to understand why. We have dozens or even hundreds, and we do not always make the best choice when creating them. Reuse and weak passwords make it easy to crack our accounts.

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Google Chrome has already helped in this direction with the built-in password manager. It was first introduced several years ago and makes it easy to sync your credentials across all your devices.

The password manager has learned a new trick in Chrome 69. He takes on all the hard work, inventing passwords that are difficult to crack, creating them for you.

When Chrome notices that you are filling out an account creation form, it will offer you help. Just click on the password field and you will see a field similar to the one above. Google doesn't really expect you to remember passwords like "8Wx33H9iz6N5YQv." Instead, it automatically saves a new pair of credentials in your “store", so you do not need to remember it.

Although you may not think about it, but not knowing your account password, this is actually a very good thing.

Why? If you got into a phishing attack and a cybercriminal tried to force you to log in to this account, you would not know by entering a password.

The new Chrome password tool has some limitations. For example, it does not recognize password fields in each form. He also did not work with any form of password change. This is very bad, because it would be great if Chrome users could replace their existing passwords with those generated by Chrome.

Chrome Password Manager still lacks some of the more advanced features offered by specialized password management applications. Some may notify you when your account has been hacked, and may even take care of the password reset process for you.

However, Chrome does not stand still. Security has always been the focus of the Chrome development team, and Google has been improving Chrome fast since its first launch ten years ago.

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