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This simple attack will crash your iPhone or Mac.

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This simple attack will crash your iPhone or Mac.
The Internet can be an insidious place. If you are an iPhone, iPad or Mac user, there is a whole new attack that you need to pay attention to. Surprisingly, it only contains 15 lines of code.

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You ask what these 15 lines of code do? If they run in Safari, they can cause your device to freeze, crash, or even reboot. On iPhone and iPad, this means that Safari, all alternative browsers in the App Store and even non-browser applications are vulnerable. This affects any iOS application that allows you to view Internet content, including Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

Users also report that the attack was successful on the MacBook and iMac. It doesn't seem to matter which version of macOS or iOS the device is using. Sources told Zack Whittaker about TechCrunch that it affected even the beta version of iOS 12, which was recently shown at Apple's presentation.

The attack also works on so-called Hackintosh systems — laptops or non-Apple desktop computers that have been configured to work with macOS.

Called Safari DoS (now available on github), this small piece of code will allow an attacker to install malware on your iOS or Mac device.

Depending on how Safari is configured on your system, the tab may automatically reload each time it crashes. This can put your system in an endless cycle and leave you no choice but to reinstall, turning what seems like a minor disappointment into a rather annoying mess.

How can Safari DoS cause so much chaos? By embedding web code elements. Sabri Haddouche, security researchers who wrote code to test the concept, used the tag
, which usually tells your browser about the section of the webpage you're viewing. Haddush discovered that Safari doesn't know what to do when you put a lot of tags
to other tags
. Creation of Safari DoS took about 3,500 pieces.

... 3,500 pieces ...

You don’t need to worry too much about the Safari DoS attack if you stick to sites and applications that you know and trust, and Apple should see a patch soon.

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