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MacOS Mojave Update Privacy Hack

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MacOS Mojave Update Privacy Hack
Apple has begun distributing the macOS Mojave update to its users. It introduces a number of enhancements and new features, and Apple reiterated its commitment to user privacy.

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One of Mojave's most talked about changes is tighter controls on privacy and security. New tools make it easy to create and manage strong passwords. And applications now need your approval before they can inspect potential vulnerabilities such as Mail and Messages.

In any case, it should be so. As one security researcher discovered, these new security features are not bulletproof.

Digita Security's Patrick Wardle has figured out how to defeat Mojave's privacy protection. In the video that he posted on Vimeo, Wardle captured how he accesses address book data — data that should be banned in Mojave.

The video shows that Wardle’s initial attempt to view the data was rejected. Mojave tells him that “operation is not allowed” after he clicks “not allow” in the prompt that appears. With an unprivileged script, Wardle can enter through the back door. Even without permission, he successfully resets several names and “addresses” from his test address book.

Wardle told the BleepingComputer that the exploit uses a "trivial, albeit 100% reliable implementation flaw." He has not yet revealed his exploit code, but plans to discuss it during a presentation at the upcoming Objective By The Sea security exhibition.

Speaking to Zach Whittaker of TechCrunch, Wardle noted that his exploit “is not a universal workaround” for Mojave’s new defenses. However, it can allow malware to access data that must be protected by an additional layer of protection.

Now that attention has been drawn to the problem, it is almost guaranteed that Apple will move on to the release of the patch. Privacy protection similar to those introduced in Mojave.

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