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Disabling account sync in Google Chrome

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Disabling account sync in Google Chrome
The average person can now go online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of this time is spent using a web browser such as Google Chrome. When this browser suddenly does something unexpected, users notice.

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Here's what happened when Google released Chrome 69 back in September. Some users began to notice that when they logged into one of the Google web services, their account was automatically connected to Google Chrome.

There is a very good reason Chrome allows its users to sign in with their Google account. Logging in lets you sync your favorites, settings, passwords, and even Chrome apps across all your devices. Make changes to the settings and they will magically follow you wherever you go into Chrome.

However, not all Chrome users want this to happen. Experienced users may prefer to use other methods to synchronize their browsing data. Confidential users may simply want to avoid connecting another Google account.

When Chrome 69 started logging into users without asking for them, the protest was quick and loud. With the release of Chrome 70, we now see that Google clearly takes into account the wishes of its users.

An option has been added so that users can prevent Chrome from assuming that you want to enter the browser itself only because you are logging into one of the Google web applications.

You can find this switch by opening the Chrome settings page and entering “chrome sign-in” or just “input” into the search bar for the settings.

You can also get to it by scrolling down and clicking "Advanced" at the bottom of the settings page. You will see the login switch at the top of the "Privacy and Security" section.

Google notes that even if you enter the Chrome browser, it will not automatically sync your data. Synchronization is a process that you must enable. Chrome may invite you to do this from time to time, but it's always your choice. You can also cancel this choice later by disabling synchronization in your settings.

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