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Facebook may buy cybersecurity company

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Facebook may buy cybersecurity company
To prevent yet another major hack, Facebook is considering buying a cybersecurity company.

Sometimes users do not pay attention to security and do not want to attach their mobile number to their account. In this case, the service "receive SMS online" can help, through which you can easily confirm your Facebook account with a virtual mobile number.

Just a few weeks ago, Facebook discovered a huge security flaw on its site. This flaw has allowed hackers to crack tens of millions of accounts. Since the hacker was neutralized, Facebook has struggled to strengthen its defense.

Now it looks like the company has come up with a solution. According to a report by The Information, Facebook is currently negotiating with several major cybersecurity firms to acquire them.

It is reported that Facebook wants to get its hands on security tools that easily integrate with its current services. These tools can potentially be used to better protect user accounts or to automatically detect, report, and even prevent hacking attempts.

Such an acquisition would certainly make sense for Facebook, and not just for the most obvious reason for increasing security.

Hackers are becoming more experienced. Work to protect their users and their data will only become more complicated in the future. Acquiring a cybersecurity company and incorporating its security features directly into Facebook’s digital structure certainly seems to be a good answer.

In addition to this, however, there is public opinion. With a spectacular acquisition in the area of ​​cybersecurity, Facebook users, investors and government regulators would demonstrate that the company is serious about learning from their mistakes ... and making sure that they don't happen again.

Already today we can observe some changes in the user interface of Facebook and we immediately understand that the company does not stand still, and develops not only in terms of security but also in convenience for users.
But. The pointless acquisition of a reputable cybersecurity firm could be another huge step towards criticism.

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