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Receive SMS online
The resources for providing virtual numbers in Ukraine are gaining more and more popularity every year, because there are often cases when the user is simply not able to buy a real SIM card or for some reason it is currently unavailable (the SIM card is lost outside the country and etc.). Also, do not forget about the anonymity that most subscribers strive for. So, for example, anyone can send a message from a rented virtual number to any real one in Ukraine without any problems at standard rates. In this case, the recipient of the SMS message will see the real number and will not suspect anything.

What is special about virtual numbers?

In addition to the standard areas of application of numbers - sending SMS, subscribers often use similar methods in order to register on various third-party resources that require confirmation via mobile communication. And if there is no opportunity to buy a SIM card at the moment, then such sites will be the most optimal solution, because renting a virtual number for a certain period of time will allow you to register, verify your identity or enter your social networks without problems. Moreover, in the future, the subscriber can re-rent the same virtual number in order to re-enter the resource or confirm identity. To summarize, it is very profitable and practical, especially for those who are not able to buy a SIM card.

Optimal Applications

As mentioned above, there can be many purposes for using virtual numbers, but the most optimal are receiving and sending SMS. And if sending is more often used by users who wish to remain anonymous, then SMS reception is suitable for a much wider range of applications. So, for example, situations arise when an existing user number is blocked or unavailable for receiving SMS. This can often be found on third-party resources or sites inaccessible to Ukraine - VK, WebMoney, etc. In this case, a virtual online number for receiving sms will not only allow you to receive a notification of confirmation and verification of the user, but also solve possible problems with restricting access to certain resources.

Reception of SMS online through virtual numbers will be an actual and practical solution both for an ordinary user who needs to perform a minimum of operations, such as registering on social networks or confirming a transaction, and for businessmen who receive SMS in bulk to receive messages from suppliers, designers and partners. At the same time, the smsonline web resource allows you to store the entire message history for each number.

A temporary phone number for receiving SMS will also be relevant for those who decide to go on vacation to another country or simply prefer to travel and intentionally or unintentionally leave the device at home. Different situations arise that require the same verification of identity using a mobile phone or SMS alert to enter your online bank. In this case, it’s much cheaper and more practical not to activate the roaming network, but to use the room rental.

When is the resource available?

Most users are skeptical of such services, since, in their opinion, receiving SMS online is available only during the allotted time and weekdays. In reality, both the site itself and the services of receiving SMS online using virtual numbers are available around the clock 24/7 even on holidays. In this regard, worrying about the fact that at the most necessary moment the number will simply be unavailable is not worth it. As for the range of online numbers for receiving SMS, the list is quite plentiful and regularly updated.

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