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How to delete your X (Twitter) account
Сategory: Social 2023-12-13 22:18:56
Since X (formerly Twitter) was purchased by billionaire Elon Musk in 2022, many users have abandoned the once-dominant platform. [...]

What is Live Voicemail in iOS 17?
Сategory: Programs 2023-07-05 17:52:45
Apple has unveiled iOS 17, and with it a bunch of new features and improvements, such as StandBy, Contact Posters, and – our focus for this article – Live Voicemail. [...]

Why you need a Google business account
Сategory: IT 2023-06-24 13:38:58
This tool holds immense significance in enhancing the visibility, discoverability, and credibility of your brand or business. [...]

Expanding Galaxy Z Flip 5 Display Functionality
Сategory: Programs 2023-06-13 17:51:32
The leaks have been extensive but we're constantly learning more about the experience the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 looks set to offer, and this latest tidbit centers around the expanded functionality of its significantly larger cover display. Making the cover screen more usable. [...]

Google Pixel Fold shortages show it could be this year’s hottest foldable
Сategory: IT 2023-05-27 17:20:39
The priciest Pixel Fold model is out of stock. Foldable phones remain niche devices for most phone buyers for the time being, and the Google Pixel Fold could have been all the more so – after all, it’s the company’s first foldable, and Google doesn’t sell anywhere near as many phones as the likes of Samsung at the best of times. But early signs suggest there could be quite a lot of demand for the [...]

Apple wants to 'transform' the iPhone with generative AI
Сategory: IT 2023-05-22 14:59:43
Apple has been paying attention to the rise of ChatGPT, Google Bard and other similar tools: so far this month the company has posted 28 job opportunities in the field of AI, which gives us a clear indication that Apple is ready to invest in this technology. [...]


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