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Why are numbers not showing?

Why are numbers not showing?

The SIMonline service provides virtual numbers for rent for a certain time, during which the tenant has the ability to receive an unlimited number of SMS messages online from an unlimited number of sites. This is a plus of our service that you do not pay for the activation of a site, and by paying one race you can activate as many sites as you need.

However, after registering with our online SMS reception service, you can observe the following picture.

недостаточно средств

Due to the fact that some users without renting a virtual number began to indicate numbers when registering on various sites, thereby creating a bad reputation for the number and clogging the database with unnecessary SMS messages, it was decided to display numbers only to users with a positive balance. Thus, we will verify the seriousness of the intentions of the visitor who came to us.
After replenishing the balance of your account (on the "Balance" tab in your account), numbers will be displayed in the list of virtual numbers on the "Profile" tab in your user account. Where, after choosing a suitable number, the user will be able to rent a virtual number (by clicking the "Buy" button), for the required period of time!
We also remind you that you can only receive an SMS message after renting a room (after clicking on the "Buy" button in your account), otherwise the SMS will be sent to the site administration.

Yours faithfully, administration

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