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How to rent a room for receiving SMS

How to rent a room for receiving SMS

Buying a virtual number in the SIMonline system is very simple.
After registering, log in to your account.
First of all, the user must have a positive balance in the account.

You can replenish your account balance by going to the "Balance" tab, which is located on the side panel in your account.

Боковая панель

On the "Balance" tab, you need to specify the amount by which the account is replenished and choose one of the payment methods.
Пополнение баланса
1) Indicate the amount of replenishment.
2) If you want to pay with "U" WebMoney wallet, click this button.
3) If you want to pay with "R" WebMoney wallet, click this button.

After a successful transaction, the user ends up in their personal account, where it is now possible to rent a virtual phone number.

To purchase a virtual number, you need to perform several actions.
Аренда виртуального номера

1) Make sure that the balance is positive and sufficient to make a purchase.
2) Select the number you want to buy.
3) Select the period for which the number is purchased.
4) Click the "Buy" button.

* If you check the box "redirect SMS to E-mail", then all received SMS to a virtual number will be duplicated by the email specified during registration
After buying a virtual number, it appears on the "Receive SMS" tab

Левая панель

By going to which you will see a list of purchased numbers and a text box where SMS messages arriving at the selected number will appear.

Прием СМС онлайн

* Received messages are formed in three lines and include the following information: "Sender" - the number or organization from which the SMS message was sent; "SMS" - the text of the message received on the virtual number; "Date" is the time and date when the message was received.

At the end of the lease, the number is moved to the archive.
You can view the entire archive of purchased numbers and read received messages by going to the "Archive" tab.
Панель архива

On which you will see a list of ever rented virtual numbers and the message text corresponding to the selected number.
Архив принятых СМС онлайн

You can also rent several virtual numbers for your needs, all of them at the end of the lease term, fall into the "Archive" section. Messages in the archive are always available, even after extracting the number from the system.

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