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How to pin a program to the Windows taskbar
Сategory: Programs 2021-02-15 13:49:18
In this article we will show you how to pin applications and files to the Windows taskbar to make them easily accessible. [...]

How to take a screenshot on Windows 10
Сategory: Programs 2021-02-12 17:59:24
If you need to capture a screenshot of something on your computer screen, Windows 10 offers a variety of methods for doing just that. [...]

What is Apple Family Sharing?
Сategory: Programs 2021-02-09 16:23:02
If you’re a family of Apple users and you’re not currently using Family Sharing, you could be missing out or even spending too much money. [...]

How to use split screen in Windows 10
Сategory: Programs 2021-02-05 16:44:46
The design of Windows 10 has its detractors. Those on the Mac side of the fence will quickly point out that while the Mac user experience feels like silently gliding over silky dunes on a distant planet basking in eternal springtime, Windows 10 is more like, well, using a computer. [...]

How to connect your phone to the TV
Сategory: Programs 2020-04-27 17:35:09
Do you want to connect your smartphone to your TV? We all have more gadgets and smart devices in your home than ever before. But many of us don't know how to easily share content between them - because we assume it's a lot of hassle. [...]

How to use Google Duo
Сategory: Programs 2020-03-29 01:18:53
There are lots of video calling apps out there to choose from, and the latest attempt from Google is an app called Duo. [...]


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