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Private Internet Access
Сategory: Programs 2018-12-04 17:39:22
Another very convenient VPN interface.Its budget price means some restrictions on features, although not as much as you expected. 33 countries have a relatively small network, but this will be enough for most people. And although you don't get real-time support, there is 24/7 email help, and we received a helpful response after about two hours. [...]

Windscribe - Another Great VPN
Сategory: Programs 2018-11-28 16:07:42
Windscribe is another multi-platform VPN tool where users have free access to a lot of traffic. [...]

Tunnelbear is a VPN tool for you
Сategory: Programs 2018-11-28 15:49:20
In addition to anonymous browsing, the free TunnelBear VPN client can also be used to bypass traffic shaping and throttling introduced by Internet service providers. [...]

Super Secure Tor Browser
Сategory: Programs 2018-11-28 14:46:50
Tor redirects data through a series of remote sites to mask your location. [...]

Why Android is slow and how to fix it
Сategory: Programs 2018-11-13 14:04:59
Today we’ll talk about speeding up older Android mobile phones, so sit and read the full article. When we buy a new mobile Android, it works like lightning, but after a while it becomes slow, and over time it is completely impossible to work on it. So, what's the point of buying a new mobile phone with the latest hardware with a higher processor speed and increased RAM, if it will soon work the same as the previous mobile phone. Do you know what the problem is with your new mobile phone, why is [...]

How to download YouTube videos without apps on your computer or phone
Сategory: Programs 2018-11-12 22:02:22
We watch YouTube about every day, and sometimes we encounter an interesting video that we want to save locally on our PC or smartphone. For example, sometimes you watch a video and want to save it on your device, send it via WhatsApp or another application. Thus, we are going to present a trick, thanks to which you can save videos from YouTube on your computer, Android phone, iPhone iPad or even on a basic mobile device. Just read this article so that you can download videos from YouTube without [...]


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