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Rent an individual phone number from 3 cents / hour

Прием СМС онлайн осуществляется на Украинские номера, и принимают сообщения от всех популярны сервисов независимо от локации!

A unique specialized service for receiving SMS messages to virtual numbers in Ukraine. The capabilities of the service for the online reception of SMS messages and activation on the site through temporary SIMonline numbers will help the network user if it is not possible to buy a real SIM card. The site of virtual numbers for receiving sms provides an opportunity to rent a number for the required period of time for making various registrations and receiving confirming SMS messages to your personal account.
  The scope is very wide, it can be registration in various social networks for a temporary number or receiving messages online in your account from business projects related to huge volumes of ads. This operation is suitable for the most ordinary person who needs a one-time number for several hours , as well as the leader, who needs a minute to long-term ownership of the number and save all received SMS in the database.
    You can always confirm any actions that require SMS with a code. Virtual numbers are available 24/7. After all, it is not always at hand a new SIM card, as well as the opportunity to purchase it.

Where can you use our virtual phone numbers?

Usually, using such virtual numbers for receiving SMS, they are registered on social networks (VK, OK, Facebook, Instagram), messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat) and emails (Yandex,, Gmail, Yahoo) confirm also used for other online sites and services: Avito, Yula, AUTO.RU, Twitter, SEOsprint, Steam, Uber, Gett, Microsoft, Tinder. In addition, temporary fake phone numbers can be used for online reception of one-time personal messages in order to remain anonymous and not to buy a SIM card at a time.


It is FORBIDDEN any illegal activity, be it fraud, bank fraud, etc., pursued by law!
In such cases, your data may be submitted to law enforcement agencies.

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